High Voltage Safety Course (HVS) – San Diego, CA

TRLMI’s High Voltage Safety course is a one-week course comprised of classroom lectures, simulator-based training and assessments on our state of-the-art TRANSAS TechSim 5000 High-Voltage (HV) Circuit Breaker Simulator. Students will be exposed to the principles behind shock hazards, and arc flash/arc blast phenomena. Classroom lectures will ensure that students understand the fundamentals of shipboard electrical systems, power generation, protective devices and systems to include earthing switches and temporary grounds. Practical exercises will help students understand how shock and arc flash boundaries are calculated, and most important, Incident Energy calculations to determine selection of required arc flash PPE. The assessment will incorporate all aspects of training including the proper use of PPE, live line tools, multimeters, other test equipment, and a implementation of a sample checklist for a Job Safety Analysis plan dealing with HV. This course is an immersive experience allowing the student to safely work on real, energized equipment while wearing the appropriate PPE and under the supervision of our highly experienced instructors.

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